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If you are interested in selling our products through your own business, we have good news. At Heatsail,  we are always open for a new collaboration. Fill out the application form via the button below and get in touch with our team.


We redefined luxury lighting and heating to create longlasting experiences by extending the finest moments outdoor.


When it gets chilly, just turn on the integrated heating. Discrete far-infrared heating elements give you the most pleasant warmth.


When it gets darker, turn on the light. You can easily dim the light with the remote control. The light can be used with or without the heating.


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Heatsail is a Belgian design company that has redefined the luxury lighting, heating and cooling arena. Extending the ultimate outdoor experience for the contract and residential markets is one of our specialties.

We create unique, long lasting experiences because our products not only extend the finest moments of a beautiful day, but are also long lasting design objects that treasure those best moments.

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We are always looking a new collaboration.

Work with us

We are always looking for collaborations. Please fill in the form under the partner locator so we can assist you the best way possible.