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DISC collection

Heatsail and Studio Piet Boon join forces and launch the new DISC by Piet Boon. The DISC collection is designed with the distinctive Piet Boon handwriting and has the unique technical core of the existing DOME collection. With this unique product the comfort of outdoor living is increased and the outdoor season is extended.

No better background scenery for a nice long conversation than a sultry summer night.
Why don’t we just make it a little warmer and lighter outside with the DISC collection, so those summer nights can last forever.

FAR-infrared heating explained

FAR-infrared is radiant heating and is most easily absorbed by people’s skin. Your face is almost never covered so the perfect skin exposure for FAR-infrared rays. This is why Heatsail has designed outdoor heaters you can install above a table or lounge set so these rays have easy access to your skin.

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