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GLOW collection

The GLOW collection is the most flexible Heatsail collection so far. Suspend each piece separately, or opt for one of the optional ceiling modules to suspend them in a circle or in a line. Create longlasting experiences by extending the finest moments of a beautiful day.

Enjoy every day and evening sitting outside with family and friends even when it gets colder outside. Appreciate the experience, the place and the moments you create outside. Available in a set of 3 or 5 units. The GLOW
collection is designed and made in Belgium.

FAR-infrared heating explained

FAR-infrared is radiant heating and is most easily absorbed by people’s skin. Your face is almost never covered so the perfect skin exposure for FAR-infrared rays. This is why Heatsail has designed outdoor heaters you can install above a table or lounge set so these rays have easy access to your skin.

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