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LEAF collection

The LEAF is a unique shading solution with light and and misting with optional integrated heating that turns your terrace into a place you will never want to leave anymore.

The outdoor room has a tranquility unlike any other.  A comfortable, inviting space with fresh air and a scenic view. The essential element of the outdoor room, however, is shade. The number one reason people choose to avoid their outdoor room is lack of shelter from heat and rain.

Providing needed shade is what our LEAF does best –  supplying protection from the elements, it heats, cools and enlights with undeniable style. The elegant LEAF-shaped design of this future-proof solution allows it to blend harmoniously into its surroundings.

FAR-infrared heating explained

FAR-infrared is radiant heating and is most easily absorbed by people’s skin. Your face is almost never covered so the perfect skin exposure for FAR-infrared rays. This is why Heatsail has designed outdoor heaters you can install above a table or lounge set so these rays have easy access to your skin.

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