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BEEM by Heatsail is an outdoor light with heating and misting option. Available in four sizes; 2300mm, 2900mm, 3900mm and 5200mm.

Enjoy every day and evening sitting outside with family and friends even when it gets colder outside. Appreciate the experience, the place and the moments you create outside. Even when you’re not outside the BEEM is a great eye-catcher to your outdoor space. The BEEM is designed and made in Belgium.

The BEEM collection is made of high quality aluminium, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The BEEM collection uses less energy than the traditional gas heaters. Because the BEEM collection is 100% electric, it doesn’t emit CO2 and has a low energy consumption of only 3,24 kWh (B230 & B290) or 4,32 kWh (B390 & B520).

By using highly efficient and durable ceramic heating elements and the best materials, the BEEM collection is virtually maintenance free.

The reach depends on your model, providing a comfortable warmth without red glow.

Options BEEM with stems


As an option we have an integrated misting system able to cool down the surrounding temperature up to 10°C, depending on climate and humidity. The mist is produced by means of a pump that pressurizes water up to 70 bar forcing the water out of the nozzles at high pressure, cooling the surrounding air. The entire system is remote controlled by a smartphone app.

RAL Colors

The standard colors for our BEEM collection are Midnight and Snow.

*colors are indicative


The BEEM collection is available in four different sizes: 91 inches (2300mm), 114 inches (2900mm), 154 inches (3900mm) and 205 inches (5200mm).

Cables mounting option

Cable mounting option - The BEEM collection can be suspended on stainless steel cables for wind-free environments like inhouse applications.

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